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What Is Join The Club?

Join the club is a Multi Green-Fee Saving way to play golf. The more “Rounds” you buy the more cost effective your golf becomes for you and your friends! Through sharing packages between you and others you can Say good bye to Visitor Green Fee Rates and get the best we have to Offer! *Only Available to Jersey Residents & Companies*

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What Are Rounds

  • Rounds are either 9 or 18 Holes based on the package you purchase. Allowing you to play on our courses via Number 1 or 10 (South & North Side).
  • Rounds can be used by yourself individually or shared between friends on your specific tee time.
  • You can use 2 x 9 holes for 18 holes. You cannot split 18 Holes on 2 x 9 Holes.
  • You can book your rounds, via our app over the phone or in the booking office.

Who Is It Suitable For

  • Ladies & Gents who don’t want a membership, these packages allow you to get great access to reduced rates without being tied down.
  • Occasional Golfers, who want to play the odd round with friends.
  • Summer Golfers or Groups of Friends, who want to split the cost to make it better value for money.
  • Work groups, Committees, Businesses, who want to either play with colleagues or reward them!

Club Benefits

  • You Can Share Packages, What We Mean Is You Can Split Them With Friends.
  • Share The Cost & Save Money
  • Spend What You Want & Can Afford On Golf.
  • No More Being Tied Down To One Club. Play On Multiple.
  • You Can Sell Rounds To Other People If You Don’t Use Them.
  • Great Discounts Based On Quantity Purchased.
  • A Fun Way To Afford Golf.

How To Join

Sign Up Online, you can select the button to your right or below and buy the product to sign up. The £10 fee is only for insurance purposes.

Sign Up In Store, visit one of our staff and pay in store. You can buy your packages in store, which are added to your account right away to be used.

Sign Up Over The Phone, call us and let us setup your account. You can purchase your packages over the phone which are added to your account right away.

The Best Way To Sign Up & Use Join The Club Is Online

*All 2024 Join The Club Packages Purchased have an expiration date of the 28th February 2025*

Values of packages left over on Members accounts of 2023 Packages will be put forward to use for the 2024 Season Packages.